Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just Another Saturday

I'm quickly realizing that writing on Saturday is difficult.

We had a wonderful, rare day as a family today; we were all together for the whole day. For a long time I worked only on Saturdays, staying home with Caleb the rest of the week, until my beloved Borders closed. (But that is a whole blog post unto itself...) But now that it's hunting season, most Saturdays and Sundays Eric is out hunting elk, deer, ducks, or whatever else is in season. And Sunday mornings Caleb and I go to church.

So for the three of us to have the entire day together? A rare gift.

We didn't do anything particularly special, aside from a trip to the pet store. We added a plecostomus and three snails to our aquarium today. The snails are my favorite part of the community, aside from the random baby sunset platies that pop out from time to time.

We also braved the insanity of WalMart on a Saturday out of desperation for more Pull-Ups.  

We had leftover pizza for breakfast, and Eric made an amazing dinner of duck, gravy, mashed potatoes, and corn. Duck is one of my favorite things to eat, so I was in heaven.

We watched Cars 2 and some college football.

Nothing extraordinary, but everything wonderful. Days like this are hard to beat.

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Jake and Megan said...

that sounds like such a great day lianne! what have you been up to since borders closed?


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