Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Quotes from A Visit From the Goon Squad

A new favorite? For sure.

Your throat tightens up and your eyes get wet as you watch their faces go from stony to sad, and it’s all kind of moving and sweet except that you’re not completely there- a part of you is a few feet away, or above, thinking, Good, they’ll forgive you, they won’t desert you, and the question is, which one is really ‘you,’ the one saying and doing whatever it is, or the one watching?


 "I’m always happy,” Sasha said. “Sometimes I just forget."


 I start to cry, I don't even hide it.

Hey, Lou goes. He leans down so our faces are together, and stares straight into my eyes. He looks tired, like someone walked on his skin and left footprints. He goes, The world is full of shitheads, Rhea. Don't listen to them-- listen to me.

And I know that Lou is one of those shitheads. But I listen.

Moments of Grace #32 - 54

32. Gluing things into my journal
33. Kitty snuggles
34. Eric's love for me outweighing his hatred of cats
35. "Monkey Caleb" after watching/reading Curious George
36. Finding a book that I know I'll have to own so that I can underline the heck out of it
37. Seeing the house slowly take shape / cultivating the home so that it is ours and suits our taste
38. Snickerdoodles dipped in coffee
39. Vocab lists / using my dictionary
40. The endless potential in a blank page/book/canvas/etc.
41. The incredible satisfaction that comes from painting something
42.Unexpected snow in the morning: that magical feeling of waking up in a world completely different from the one I fell asleep in
43. Building a snowman with Caleb
44. Snowball fights with Caleb
45. Reading stacks upon stacks of books with Caleb
46. Caleb calling his valentine his "special"
47. Caleb joining in the Open Arms dance class
48. Caleb making friends with S, who is in a wheelchair, but not acting differently with her than anyone else
49. Getting an email reply from Patrick Rothfuss (!!!)
50. Waking up from a nap to a bouquet of lilies from both Caleb and Eric
51. Spare moments to grieve the loss of a loved one in private
52. A holiday party in February
53. Drinking with old (raucous) friends / feeling young again
54. Reading in our library while Caleb plays his games and it snows outside

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Newest Additions to Our Family

 It's been an excellent week so far, with some wonderful new pets!

This little guy is an African Dwarf Frog, and he is just hilarious to watch in the fish tank. He darts around, shoots to the top of the tank for air, then drifts down like a tiny froggy parachute. He's way too much fun.

And this sweet girl I never, ever expected we would get! Eric loves me SO much, and saw just how much I was missing having a furry companion, that he set aside his extreme dislike of cats and surprised me last night with a trip to the pet store to adopt her! We don't have a name for her yet, but she sure is a sweetheart. She's very shy (hasn't left her little spot between the toilet and the bath tub much yet), and just too cute to handle. She missing part of her ear, and is cross-eyed. She's a little misfit kitty that fits right in with us. I can't even tell you just how thrilled I am to have these new animals!


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