Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Train Obsessed

This is Caleb's new shirt. His new favorite shirt. He loves this shirt so much, in fact, that today is the fifth day in a row he's worn it. (I've washed it twice since his Nana gave it to him last week.)

Caleb has officially entered a full-blown train obsession. He can tell you all about high-speed trains, snow trains, box cars, coal cars, lumber cars, gas tanks, and smokestacks. Part of the mountain of books we read every day are these ones; we both have them memorized due to the fact that we read them a limit of five times a day, and more than that, and I'll go crazy. These are not ones I can simply hide in the "banned books" cabinet (to join the ranks of Bob the Builder and The Very Busy Spider, among others Eric and I have had our fill of), because he'll notice right away if they're missing.

Caleb has certainly inherited his daddy's drive; once he's interested in something, he goes all out. His attention span is longer than mine, and right now all of his attention is concentrated on trains!

Something Beautiful Wednesday

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's with today, today?

Today, I am worn out. I woke up feeling not a bit refreshed, but just as exhausted as when my head hit the pillow eight hours earlier. So I took the easy way our, popping in a Mighty Machines movie for Caleb, gave him breakfast (his choice today was a hot dog), and collapsed into the recliner. An hour an a half later, first movie over, second started, and I fell right back asleep. Again, next thing I knew, the movie was over, and it was lunch time. Mac & cheese, Cars, and yet again, I was in and out of sleep in the chair.

This is highly unusual, especially how perfect it looks outside. Why I can't muster any energy is beyond me. Coffee, brownies, protein... nothing is waking me up. Bleh. Tomorrow will be better, and I'll be the good, involved mommy I should be.

On a better note, we had such an incredible dinner last night, I just have to share.

Eric's masterful grilled chicken in a tortilla wrap with fresh romaine lettuce, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, and bacon. I made some quick gnocchi and drizzled it with olive oil mixed with basil fresh from our garden, pepper, Parmesan cheese, and Italian seasoning. We ate on the patio in our backyard, and it was the perfect temperature with a light breeze, and we were in heaven. It really was a wonderful evening.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blank, Again

It's been another blank journal period. The kind that sneaks up on me, and I lose the ability to write. And honestly, writing, for me, is crucial. Writing is how I process what I'm going through in life. If I'm not keeping up on my journal, I tend to sink farther and deeper into a bleak and listless funk.

It's been a couple months since I really sat down and wrote what I was feeling or doing. It needs to change. If I don't get my feelings channeled into words on a page (or screen), then I just internalize away and lose focus of who is more important in life: Eric and Caleb.

I think I have been coasting by, lost in books and tv shows. I haven't been involved in a really good Bible study since the early spring, and I'm sure that has a lot to do with it as well. If I'm not grounded at least weekly, if not daily, in some serious study, I quickly turn back into the unintentional, selfish person I want so badly to not be.

Next month I'll be starting two heavy studies: Beth Moore's Breaking Free, and Dallas Willard's The Divine Conspiracy. I'm extremely excited to dig into both. I crave knowledge, I crave understanding. I am certain this fall will be a big growth period, as a Christian, as a human being.

Monday, August 2, 2010


"If we aren't careful, our success and security and abundance can lead to a certain sort of boredom, a numbing predictability, a paralyzing indifference that comes from being too comfortable."
-Rob Bell, Drops Like Stars

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