Thursday, November 10, 2011


I'm drawing a blank today.

I think blogging ten days in a row is a record for me. And I feel like my ideas, or the the "easy" ones to write about, are all taken up.

Hm. Still blank.

That darn blinking cursor is taunting me.

Well, I suppose I'll just ask you this, reader. Would you be interested in seeing my recipes? Over the past several years, I've gone from being a totally inept cook to a pretty darn good one. And this year, as I've learned my way around the kitchen, I've started experimenting and improving on recipes. I've been writing the "keepers" down, and am excited about my own, growing cookbook.

I know there are million recipe/cooking blogs out there, with far more experienced people than I. But is that something I should consider posting on here? Or not? I want honest answers. Thanks!

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Jake and Megan said...

post them! seriously! i'm editing some pictures to post mine as we speak! i'd love to see yours!


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