Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eventful Day

We were busy today!

Church this morning went well; better than I had expected. Without Eric or my parents there to help out with Caleb, I was a little nervous that I wouldn't get to hear the sermon, and that I would end up spending the entire time in the nursery with Caleb. He has a bit of a hard time going in there, super shy and scared to let go of Mommy and Daddy. Some weeks he's great and only takes a few minutes to settle in and get comfortable with the other kids and adults. Some weeks he does the serious monkey cling and won't let go for the entire hour. Thankfully, this week was a good week. I wasn't sure if he would be more clingy, what with Eric being gone and all, but he did great. I am so proud of him.

I really enjoyed the sermon on the Sermon on the Mount. Great perspective, and Tom always presents a new way of looking at things, be it an issue or the phrasing in a sentence. It was great to go over it as a whole, because it's usually broken down into chunks, and I have a hard time following the over-arching themes. It was a rich morning, giving me lots to think about and internalize.

Then a quick lunch at mom's before heading down to Art in the Park! This is one of my favorite things. We spent three hours walking around, wishing we had thousands of extra dollars to spend on all the cool paintings, crafts, photographs, jewelry, scarves, woodwork, handcrafted tows, etc. I think I'll have to start setting aside money for next year- a strictly "Art in the Park Fund." We were both very good, restraining ourselves from the many, many temptations. I did end up getting two beautiful 5x7 prints of paintings by : the first a hunter with an elk in the snow, and the second a hunter aiming at a pheasant in flight. We spent quite a while in his booth; I couldn't decide which one to get. I wanted all of them! I'm pretty satisfied with the ones I chose.

After three hours in the 90+ degree heat, we headed home. Caleb briefly showed off his toys before mom left. Then I made the oh-so-tasty Hamburger Helper while not really watching football. After dinner, Caleb was thrilled to take a bath, being the water baby that he is. In the past couple weeks, he's discovered the immense joy of splashing with the assistance of big bath toys, resulting in a very soaked bathroom. I couldn't have been more drenched even if I were in the tub with him! I probably shouldn't indulge that behavior, but his full-on laughs are too much to resist. He would stay and play in the tub all day if he could...

I just finished watching the movie Doubt. I thoroughly enjoyed it, to say the least. I thought it brought up great questions regarding humanity, difficult situations, judgement, and faith. So thought-provoking, so eloquent in its simplicity and depth.

So now it's off to bed, hopefully to force myself to sleep before 3:00am. Really, I have the worst trouble sleeping when Eric's gone. This is only the third night, and I'm already exhausted. It'll be okay though. It's so worth it.

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