Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Within Reach

As usual, I've failed to keep up with this blog, just like all the others. In the past few years I've become more private and closed regarding what I put out on the internet for anyone to see; this is a good thing. I do miss the immediacy of blogging though, as opposed to how long it takes me to write by hand. I've fallen down on my paper journal too. I can't keep up with time anymore. The weeks just fly by, and I feel like I'm just barely hanging on.

It is exciting though. We are at an incredible time in our lives, with so many opportunities within reach. Since Eric started his new job, we've paid down our debts considerably, and are about to begin the house hunting process. It will be so wonderful to own our own home, to paint and decorate and landscape the way we want to- no landlord to decide what can and can't be done. We want to get a dog within the next couple years too; that will be way too much fun. I miss having a dog around the house; our cat just isn't the same.

Caleb is starting to talk- cat, kitty, dog, daddy, momma, and fish are the words he really knows. He's good at immitating us, but doesn't quite put together the meanings of any other words yet. Soon though; he's a smart kid and figures things out quickly. He's such a character, and amazes us daily.

So yeah, it seems as though everything is finally within reach. The world is ours for the taking, and we are making the most of it!

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