Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Steps, Just In Time

Caleb took his first steps on Friday night!!!

It was/is very exciting, and I am so proud of him! It still freaks him out a little, realizing he can take a step, and not fall, without holding on to anything anymore. In the past few days he's made teeny-tiny improvements. It's just adorable to see the emotions playing over his face: uncertainty, fear, pride, confusion.

I was so excited and relieved that he did take those very first steps on Friday night, as Eric left on Saturday afternoon for his week-long hunting trip with Dad. I kept praying that Caleb wouldn't be his mischevious self and wait until Eric had left. It was so special that the three of us shared those moments together. I love them so much; there just aren't words to express it.

So this is our fourth night apart. It's pretty rough. I just try to keep focusing on how much fun Eric and Dad must be having up there in the woods, rather than projecting my fears for their safety, etc. It's strange how empty the house seems without him. There is less light, less life. It's been nearly a year and a half since we moved in together, and I've quite gotten used to having him around all the time.

I'm getting ready to go to sleep though, and I don't want to magnify these lonely feelings. Night is the worst without him. Lucky man, getting to sleep under the stars. (As long as it doesn't snow...)

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