Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Train Obsessed

This is Caleb's new shirt. His new favorite shirt. He loves this shirt so much, in fact, that today is the fifth day in a row he's worn it. (I've washed it twice since his Nana gave it to him last week.)

Caleb has officially entered a full-blown train obsession. He can tell you all about high-speed trains, snow trains, box cars, coal cars, lumber cars, gas tanks, and smokestacks. Part of the mountain of books we read every day are these ones; we both have them memorized due to the fact that we read them a limit of five times a day, and more than that, and I'll go crazy. These are not ones I can simply hide in the "banned books" cabinet (to join the ranks of Bob the Builder and The Very Busy Spider, among others Eric and I have had our fill of), because he'll notice right away if they're missing.

Caleb has certainly inherited his daddy's drive; once he's interested in something, he goes all out. His attention span is longer than mine, and right now all of his attention is concentrated on trains!

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Draft Queen said...

Aw! So cute! With my son it was dinosaurs and Presidents. Okay, he still loves researching Presidents at nine.


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