Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crucifixion by Eric Drooker

I promise I'm not a morbid person. I don't normally meditate on such morose, macabre things (see Good Friday post). But last night at the women's Bible study I attend, we sat with this picture for a few minutes, letting it seep into our thoughts and hearts. It's so powerful, and I wanted to share.

(You can find more of the artist's work at

On a much lighter note, this is my first time doing this:


Claire Marie said...

What an amazing and powerful work. Thank you for sharing, and welcome to Flog Yo Blog Friday!

Marilyn Rodrigues said...

Wow, I can see how that would make a very fruitful prayer space for you.

I also read your Good Friday post. You know, I can't remember a Good Friday at 3pm when it was NOT dark and gloomy outside. Maybe once, ever.

Enjoy Brenda's blog hop!

Brenda said...

WOW! That is one powerful image!

And hey, Happy FYBF!


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