Thursday, July 8, 2010

Charlaine Harris has a monopoly on my reading time.

This is frustrating to me. Gone is my ability to devour a history book. My thirst for poetry and linguistics is no longer there. The desire to learn more about psychology and current events? Gone. The quest to read everything Margaret Atwood has written? Set aside. Bible study? Eked out at the last minute (literally). Tackling those classics I've never gotten around to? They can wait.

Nothing but the Sookie Stackhouse series will satisfy me. I feel pretty guilty. I feel lazy. But they are so juicy and delicious! And oh so much fun after some pretty intense reads (The Count of Monte Cristo, Infidel, Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick, the Preacher graphic novels, etc). It's good to relax and give my brain a vacation, right? Sometimes it really is nice to sink my teeth (tee hee!) into a book that doesn't take too much energy to get through.

I feel better, after that guilty admission. And so, further neglecting household chores and the quest for higher intellect, I'm on to Dead to the World, in which Eric the statuesque viking vampire is wearing a red speedo. Mmmhmm.


allison tait said...

There are times in a girl's life when Sookie Stackhouse is the perfect antidote. Go with it. Indulge it. Enjoy it. Margaret will still be waiting when you come back from the Dark Side. :-)

Stephie C said...

Found u through the bloghop and yes I too have been sucked into the world of Harris! I don't even find them to be that great of writing yet here I am just starting book 7 or 8 I think...(All together Dead) they are highly addictive!

Lianne said...

Allison- SO true. :) I am absolutely indulging.

Stephie- I agree; not the best writing, yet I'm eating them up!

Nikki said...

I am reading the second book in the series, and I agree they are really good....although I'm used to vamps who are much scarier. I'd rather read it than watch the show, which is normal I guess.


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